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Openscape Office joins everything together, creating a seamless communications system with the programmes and applications that your staff currently use every day. It lets you combine your phone calls, voicemail, conferencing, fax, and messaging into a single, unified solution that works harder for you. And that means your staff can do the same.

Openscape Office MX combines the very latest digital and IP technology with ease of use which is designed to improve the overall running of your business and maximise monetary savings.

Some of the key features offered by the OpenScape Office MX application suite include:

Presence lets every staff member set their availability so you’ll know if someone is in a meeting, on a phone call or out of the office. If you’re out the office you can even update your availability via your mobile phone.

Microsoft Outlook PlugIn
OpenScape Office integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook, everyone can access all their communications via a single screen. Email, voicemail, fax and instant messages can be viewed, managed and answered from the application they’re most familiar with – the Outlook screen they use every day.

In addition, the presence status and voicemail greetings will change dynamically based on events in the Outlook Calendar. This means callers will always get the latest information about staff availability. As there is no need to switch between systems or screens staff productivity is increased.

OpenScape Office allows you to have one single directory that brings all your contacts together. Many staff members hold contacts on their mobile phone, Outlook, company phone directory – looking for contacts can be time consuming. This is eliminated with OpenScape Office.

Favourites List
The favourites list allows you to group all your key contacts in one place. Simply drag and drop your contacts on to your own personalised list. Dial any of your favourites at the click of a button. Voice Message Box – Route all your mobile and desk phone voicemails to your OpenScape Office voicemail box. All voicemail is visual which allows you to prioritise which message you want to listen to first. Voicemails can also be attached and emailed in the form of a WAV file.

Fax Message Box
OpenScape office includes a Personal Fax Box that lets you receive and respond to faxes as easily as an email, with the ability to read it, print it, send it and store it. No more searching for paper copies of that vital fax with new instructions from your customer.

Personal Call Journal
Your call journal displays your personal call history of missed, dialled and received calls. This allows you to prioritise which customers and vendors you need to get in touch with, just click to call them back.

Call Me
Even permanently office based staff may find it necessary to work from home at some times. Call Me lets anyone in your company turn any phone, anywhere, into their work phone for as long as they want. You pay the same call rates as you would if they were working in your office.

Personal Notifications
Missing time sensitive messages can really slow you down. To stay current you need to see them coming. Personalised Notification gives you full visibility, alerting you to incoming messages in real time. Personalised Notification will email, call or text you based on your presence status, so you can prioritise each message at a glance and respond accordingly.

Info Status Pops
Know which calls need your attention now and which ones can wait. With Info Status Pops, a small pop-up in the bottom corner of the screen notifies you each time a phone call comes through. See the name and number of the caller and handle each incoming call appropriately. Redirect it, answer it, or record it in a single click.

Personal Auto Attendant
Provide multiple options to callers if you’re busy. Allow callers to leave a message or be transferred to someone else who may be able to help. If you are expecting an important call from a customer and you are out of the office you can allow this call only to route through to you with the rest of your callers going to voicemail.

Dial from any Desktop Application
Click and dial a contact number immediately from a customer database file, email signature or CRM package. OpenScape Office can do it from any application with a listed number.

Live Call Recording
OpenScape Office allows you to record calls on demand so you can review them afterwards. Calls can then be emailed as a WAV file to other colleagues or as a receipt of conversation.

Instant Messaging
send a message in real time to a contact if they are on another call to notify them that a call is waiting, or if their attention is needed for another matter.

Conference Management
Conference calling is made easy with the OpenScape Office conference management tool. Calls can either be scheduled or conducted ad-hoc by simply dragging and dropping participants from your directory. This feature eliminates any conference call charges.


OpenScape Office provides the following benefits:

  • Greater customer satisfaction
  • Higher employee satisfaction
  • More sales opportunities
  • Lower training costs
  • Lower operating costs
  • Simple installation, usage and maintenance

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