UC Smart

Business Phones and Business UC Smart from NIX Communications


  • Reduce cost and Increase Efficiency in one Easy to use Application
  • UC Smart allows you to increase staff efficiency and provide better customer service in one easy to use application. With UC Smart every employee is able to personalise their own softphone for managing their communications helping to streamline how your staff work and reduce company overheads.
  • UC Smart is located on each staff members desktop PC enabling them to easily personalise their settings with the click of a mouse.

UC Smart provides a range of applications including:

Instant Messaging
If a colleague is busy on call you have the option to send an instant message to them to notify them that they have a call waiting. This allows your colleague to end their current call and take the call waiting if it is an important customer.

Absence Alerts
UC Smart allows you to input why you are not available (e.g. in a meeting until a certain time, out of the office etc) This allows other staff members to know you are not currently available before calling you.

Customer Alerts
Potential opportunities and problem calls can be tagged for the attention of specific staff speeding up call handling.

Extension Status
The extension status window allows you to see if your colleagues are on calls or not. A coloured light indicates whether an extension is free, busy or ringing.

Address Book
Dial contacts stored in your address book at the click of a button speeding up efficiency and preventing misdialling.

Call History
View your call history to locate missed calls and recently dialled numbers. Call people back at the click of a button.

UC Smart allows the ability to improve levels of customer service, productivity and responsiveness all at the same time. A small company or team can now be as competitive and equally customer facing as the largest dedicated call centre with the deployment of UC Smart.

Find out more about UC Smart and how they can work for your business download our NIX UC Smart Brochure.

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