Full memory on your Iphone? 5 top tips for making some space!

If you’re anything like us here at NIX, your iPhone is full of stuff you don’t really need. In 2014 a lawsuit against apple actually revealed that even if you buy yourself a 16 GB iPhone, you physically can’t use all 16 GB of storage.

So we want to show you how to make the most of what you have. Below we have searched the World Wide Web for the top 5 ways to easily manage and clear up what’s on your iPhone and free up some space.

1. Find the offender!

First you’ll want to take a look at exactly what is taking up the most space on your iPhone.

Tap the setting icon then head to General > Storage > Manage Storage.

Above is a list of all your apps which will also tell you (Largest first) exactly what is hogging the most memory. You’ll notice at the top how much memory you have used & what is remaining…

2. Program your messages to expire automatically

If your using  iOS 9 you can set your Iphone to automatically delete your old messages. If you like reminiscing back through texts you received two years ago from a distant relative who you only hear from at Christmas, skip this tip. If you’re happy to get rid of them, this option is much easier than manually deleting old threads.

Head to Settings > Messages. Find Keep Message, choose your option.

You can also decide how long your media messages are Kept. You can set them to expire after two minutes or never!

3. Ditch Photo Stream

So if you didn’t know, Photo Stream automatically syncs the last 1,000 photos to all of your iOS devices. Basically, it stores a GB worth of photos and videos, twice. So unless you frequently sit down in the evenings sharing photos from your iPad to your iPhone, turn it off…

Settings > scroll down to Photos & Camera > My Photo Stream

4. Only keep the good photos! (HDR…)

You may have noticed that your iPhone randomly stores two images of the same photo? It’s your phone using something called HDR (High Dynamic Range). Essentially with HDR on, your iPhone will take 3 images, take the best bits from each one and makes one pretty good photo. See the difference here — HDR is on the right:

This will only happen if HDR is on. HDR is best used in low lights or a shadowy backdrop! So long story short, If you choose to use HDR then you don’t need to keep the normal photo too. Head to Settings > Photo & Camera and swipe Keep Normal Photo to off.

5. Use Google to store photos

It can be a difficult task deciding which videos/photos to keep and which ones to delete off your iPhone but using Google+ you don’t have to.
Google+ will automatically back up your videos and photos to the cloud storage system, inevitability saving you space.

As long as your photos are 16 megapixels or under you have access to unlimited storage and catalogue your photos in a pretty cool way. You can easily search all your photos by date, time and even where you were when you took the photo.

All you have to do is download Google photos from your iPhone, head into the apps setting and select Back up & sync.

(You may want to select ‘Over Wi-Fi Only’ so it doesn’t rinse your data!)

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