Data Solutions

Data-Driven Marketing from NIX Communications
Supercharge your marketing campaigns and send leads skyrocketing with the range of specialist data products available here at NIX Communications.

The fast-evolving world of direct marketing calls for customisable lists, an ongoing torrent of new leads and the ability to gain a real insight into a multitude of markets. With our responsive data packages, your business can move on from wasteful large-scale campaigns and more accurately target your key demographic.


Hundreds of variables for targeted direct marketing
Sort data using hundreds of variables including purchase behaviour, lifestyle choices, postcode, age group or marital status. Regularly updated, and with millions of entries, you can more effectively target the relevant consumers and generate a higher number of leads for any campaign.

Our Data Solution Services

We offer a full range of marketing services, including:

  • Lifestyle surveys
  • Consumer data
  • Mobile, business and consumer records
  • Call centre resources
  • B2B leads

We also offer a comprehensive suite of analytical tools that can help you scrutinise the data and identify your key demographics in finer detail.

Help your marketing campaigns to reach their full potential with our consumer data and data-driven marketing services.

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